Income Tax Return Filing App by All India ITR Review

All India ITR is the premier income tax return e-filing facilitator between the government and the citizens of India. We have a free All India ITR Android app known as Income Tax Return Filing App by All India ITR, which you can download from Play Store. Use this app to e-file your tax returns, since it is targeted at meeting your needs whether you are an individual or business entity; you can do this at anytime and from anywhere.

Income Tax Return Filing App by All India ITR Review

All India ITR App

Key Features of All India ITR App

Simple E-filing – Install the app, login and click on “Start e-filing”. Select whether you are an individual or business. The app will then guide you through the detailed process of e-filing your tax returns, based on the choice you made. This is a tried and tested app and makes filing income tax returns very easy.

Income Tax Calculator – The app helps you calculate your income tax so you get maximum deductions. Your income is calculated as basic salary, transport allowance, HRA, special allowance and others. You will be able to understand the exemptions and deductions when you see the accurate income tax calculations that the app provides.

The complicated process of calculating your income tax will be a thing of the past, since the Income Tax Return Filing App does it for you automatically, with ease and gives the best results. The All India ITR App uses the latest amendments of the Financial Act to give you the maximum deductions under the law. All you have to do is fill in the form, following the guidelines, and the rest will be done automatically.

HRA Exemption Calculator – In order to get maximum exemptions, salaried individuals who qualify for rent deduction should correctly calculate their HRA. The HRA Exemption Calculator within All India ITR App helps in getting the best exemptions under the income tax laws.

When calculating HRA exemption, the following three HRA exempted amounts will be taken as your HRA exempted amount:

  • HRA from employer
  • Rent paid to landlord, which should be 10% of the basic salary
  • 50% basic salary in metro cities ad 40% in non-metro cities

Check Refund Status – It need to keep abreast of the refund status; this is usually a lengthy process, but the All India ITR Android app lets you know the status within minutes. You can start monitoring the refund process 10 days after you submit your refund claim.

How to check the refund process using Income Tax Return Filing App?

  • Step 1: Download, Install the app and Login to your account
  • Step 2: Under the “Refund” tab, type in your PAN number, year of assessment and fill in the “Captcha” before hitting “Submit”
  • Step 3: This will display your refund status which can be easily viewed

Rent Receipt Generator – You must submit your rent receipt together with your landlord’s PAN card and lease agreement, if your rent and HRA are above Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 8,333 per month. You can use the All India ITR app to generate a rent receipt in the required format so as to get a possible deduction on Income Tax e-filing. You will then be able to download the receipt and print it. Once you have filled in the necessary information, click on “Generate” and “Print/Download” to get your rent receipt.

News and Blogs – The All India ITR app provides you with daily updates on income tax blogs and news. The laws governing income tax keep on changing and you should keep abreast of them.

These are some of the wonderful features of Income Tax Filing App from All India ITR. I strongly recommend you to download and test this app to experience these features. Do try it and if you come across any query then do let me know by commenting. You can also share in your feedback below which can be really helpful for others.